The main objective of Competitive Cashew initiative (ComCashew), is to increase the competitiveness of African cashew smallholders, processors and other actors in the value chain and achieve a lasting reduction of poverty in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Mozambique.

After having built a basis for the cashew sector in the five African project countries through trainings for farmers and processors and through activities linking them to national and international markets, ComCashew aims now – in its third phase – to consolidate these efforts. It is putting more emphasis on establishing a sustainable relationship between the chain actors, on transfering knowledge and building sustainable institutions providing trainings, business advise and services.

Still the main objective of all ComCashew's activities is to increase the income of cashew farmers and processing factory workers.
ComCashew activities operate along four forces:

  • Force 1: Production: Improve productivity and increase quantity and quality of production.

  • Force 2: Processing: Improve effeciency, quantity and quality of processing.

  • Force 3: Supply Chain Linkages: Build sustainable market linkages at national, regional amd international levels.

  • Force 4: Sector Organisation: Establish an enabling environment: Advocate policies that favour the cashew sector.

ComCashew is implementing various Innovative Projects. The Cashew Matching Fund is the most prominent innovation introduced in its second phase. The Fund brings together private and public sector partners and farmers to build closer supply chain linkages. Thus ComCashew's activities are directly implemented by partners. ComCashew facilitates the mutual learning of all Matching Fund projects through exchange platforms.